Who we are:
Grassroots Arts is a consulting and new media research company led by the Directors Carmen Mac Williams and Tilman Veltjens. They are collaborating with a pool of artists, designers, developers and researchers.
Our Assets:
Visions, know-how, networking and experience, grown for more than 20 years in academic and industry driven research and innovation projects such as the European research and inovation actions AI4EU (European AI On-Demand Platform and Ecosystem)and HELIOS (A Context-aware Distributed Social Networking Framework, which just have started in January 2019 in the current Horizon 2020 Next Generation Internet Programme. Former research and inovation projects are the finalizing innovation action FI-NEXT as well as the completed projects FI-C3, FI-CONTENT 2, FI-CONTENT 1, FI-CORE in the European Future Internet Programme (FI-PPP in Horizon 2020 and FP7), the European ICT integrated projects IPs) LIVE and Citizen Media in FP6, the European ICT STREP project MECiTV in FP5 and the German-American research project G.A.M.E. (German American Multimedia Exchange)with private industrial funding in 1998.
We offer to our Clients:
Creative concepts, strategies, content and contacts
Our Services:
Strategic Innovation Consulting
Community Building Expert
AI and Social Media Expert
Networking with the creative media industries
Research and Business Partner Networking
Project Management and Coordination
Interactive Technology, AR, Mixed Reality Innovations
Next Generation Internet use cases & experimentations
Business Modelling
User centric and speculative design
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